This is the place for GIANT candlesticks. Give me a call, there are usually some ready and waiting to go their new home

So, we discussed, and we agreed, that the burl would be turned .. 

... and here it is .. finally! 6" deep by 10" wide

Before and after; an elm  great big 400mm wide bowl with a pippin oak base. Took a while as it is a very dry piece of wood and needed stabalising with resin, hence you can see the splits in the wood.  The dark heart is part of the bowl, with a stunning grain. You never know quite what you are going to find when you start turning.

A badger key holder, now living down south!

And a collie dog, living in Wales

A ripple oak board, really quite unusual wood, finished with Danish Oil. The ripple is caused by compression in the oak and this is one of my favourite boards, made by me for me!!

Oak Dragon Clock £45 

240 x 170mm

Oak & foraged wood 880mm & 760mm high

1m x 250 Grazing platter food safe finish £95

Wedding cake stands from £45 tested for weight!! Made from oak with a food safe finish

Chunky candlesticks made from foraged wood with a copper top 50, 45 and 40cm high
Take a look at work in progress

My wood art is created from local wood, each unique piece designed by myself (Gill), hand crafted and hand finished (no computer cutting here!). Every candlestick is made from reclaimed wood, some collected while walking the dogs, some pinched from the firewood pile and Powys oak. I also create oak platters and salad bowls, fruit bowls, candelabras, dragons, cheese and bread boards and other wood designs. If you would like a piece creating, please email with your enquiry. 

Recent commissions include large mango bowl made from a recycled mango table, an enormous fruit bowl made from old block oak worktop, a 52″ live edge grazing platter, oak drinking cups, football club crests and Welsh dragons. Each piece is unique, hand made and hand finished.
All the wood art is for sale, call or email Don't forget, if you cannot see what you would like I can always make it!

360mm wide  x 160mm high laminated bowl made from local oak and ash with a food safe finish

Powys oak bowl with a food safe finish 250 high x 200mm wide

Red Devil phone holder £25 recycled mango wood. 150x90mm 

Ram phone holder 120 x 120mm £25 Recycled mango wood

Oak Cake stands made to order from £45,
300 wide x 200mm high




From £70 with food safe finish

Please note, no 2 items are the same; every piece of wood is different. However, if you want GIANT candlesticks, I can make them, if you would like a beautiful oak salad bowl, I can make it. 

Candlesticks, each unique, made from foraged wood. 

A variety of woods, including oak have been used, and are finished with a copper candle holder. 

Note the mice!!  

Last one ... £30

Art deco candlesticks  450 x 180mm £50

Can be made to your size

Great Christmas table decoration

From recycled block oak worktop to GIANT (580mm) fruit bowl!

Oak, 350 & 400mm high from £80 a pair made to order

A pub!

Foraged wood vase of  flowers £30

Weather proof oak house signs from £75

Giant oak candlesticks 30" tall! £55 each

Antlers made from 2 single (big) pieces of local oak. They were 'carved' using a scroll saw, angle grinder and lots of sand paper and elbow grease. They are 70cm high and quite heavy! The base is also local oak.

Welsh Red Dragon  200 x 150mm £35

First World War Tommies to commemorate Remembrance Day 26 cm high £25

Made to order £60

Our shed, drinking cups and a 52" grazing board

Foraged wood 3 jar flower vase £20

3 flowers with leaves in a vase from upcycled and foraged woods £20

A commission to create a pig and sausages in oak

4 large turned foraged wood flowers with leaves in a vase £35

A 70th present

Any name or phrase can be created £ £3.50 per letter


Family trees made to order, each one is crafted from a single piece of oak.  Each name is separate £3 per letter

Foraged fruit

Fruit turned from wood gathered in the forests while walking my dogs

A Welsh Dragon

Goochi the Staffie

Skittles from table legs

Remember the flying ducks???? £60 a set


My first dragon, cut on a scroll saw from Powys oak

A set of breakfast bowls made from the same log

Oak bowls, mushrooms &platters

Oak forest Christmas display
Made to order

Candlabras, inside or out, from red cedar. Fine to be out all year, and they will fade to a silver grey.

From £35 to £50, dependent on size.

Can be made from oak, but this will increase the cost .....