Penllys Bach

Meet The Girls - Ketchup and Mayonnaise

You don't have to be a dog owner to enjoy the delights of Penllys Bach, but if you are, you can bring up to 2 dogs with you for your stay with us. We can provide dog beds, these are bean bags, so just let us know if you need one, or two! 

If you would like to go out for the day your dogs can stay with us, We can walk them for you, or if you just want an hour away, no problem.
For a jolly good walk we charge £7.50 per dog, a trundle, well, they can join The Girls.
If you would like us to dog sit then this is £9 for a 1/2 day, £12 for a full day.
We can provide both bowls and dog food, if there are particular foods you prefer, just let us know;  we also keep dried food and standard tins of dog food, £2 per night charge per dog.

The garden is dog proofed - unless they can jump very high fences.
There are great walks from Penllys Bach and short drives where the dogs can run off lead.